Dal Zotto Homestead Accommodation

What was once our family home, is now a haven for our guests. 

Step into the Dal Zotto homestead, our former family home that is now a spacious retreat for our guests built on warmth and connection. You exhale on entry, moving through a welcoming blend of rustic accents and luxurious touches. There are three stylishly appointed bedroom suites, each with its own full-size private bathroom, and king-size bed. This traditional home includes a fully equipped kitchen and spacious living area and is perfect for families or groups seeking a tranquil escape or a relaxing base for a weekend filled with adventure. 

Homestead Retreat - One Bedroom Haven

We like to set the tone fast at Dal Zotto and upon arriving at your luxurious suite at our vineyard retreat, a refreshing glass of Prosecco awaits.

Your suite features a king-size bed and a built-in wardrobe, ensuring comfort. Unwind in the reading room, adjacent to the bedroom, and lose yourself in a good book.

For some extra pampering, a private full-size bathroom with an ample claw-foot bath offers a sanctuary. The homestead is exclusively yours to enjoy, ensuring privacy and an unforgettably relaxing experience. Our nightly rate is based on double occupancy, allowing you to take-in the spaciousness and elegance of your suite. It’s all yours, as un-booked rooms remain securely locked, ensuring a serene and intimate atmosphere.

Enjoy the entire house with exclusive access to the master bedroom. Other rooms will be off-limits for added privacy. This option sleep two.


Homestead Escape - Two Bedroom Sanctuary

You and your people can indulge at our vineyard retreat.

Sip a glass of Prosecco within minutes of arriving, jump onto the sumptuous king-size bed and immerse yourself in the private full-size bathroom, providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Your secluded veranda overlooks vines, mountains, peace…

The homestead is dedicated to your sole occupancy, ensuring privacy and seclusion during your stay. Our nightly rate is based on two guests per suite, allowing you to enjoy the spaciousness and serenity of your surroundings.

Experience a truly exclusive retreat, as un-booked rooms are kept securely locked, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere and creating an idyllic escape.

Immerse yourself in comfort with access to two spacious bedrooms, while the third bedroom remains inaccessible for a tranquil retreat. This option sleeps four.


Homestead Getaway - Three Bedroom Haven

Cheers! You, your family, your friends, your group, have just arrived at our Homestead and a glass of Prosecco is already organised for you.

This home is just the thing for groups of people ready to relax or to jump into all the King Valley has to offer.

Each bedroom of the Homestead offers a crazy-comfy king-size bed, a private Access All-Abilities full-size bathroom, and a wardrobe, ensuring both comfort and convenience.

All you have to do is relax and soak in the views of Dal Zotto winery and vineyard from your private veranda.

The homestead is exclusively yours, providing a sanctuary of privacy and peace.

Our nightly rate is based on two guests per suite, offering you the opportunity to savor the spaciousness and elegance of your accommodations. Un-booked rooms remain securely locked, ensuring an intimate and tranquil environment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.

Indulge in the ultimate stay with access to all bedrooms, including a fully “All Abilities Accessible” bathroom located within the third bedroom for added convenience. This option sleeps six.