Dal Zotto

‘Tabelo’ Col Fondo Prosecco 2019

‘Tabelo’ Col Fondo is a wine that is close to our hearts at Dal Zotto, but none more so than that of our father, Otto. The wine is named in honor of Otto’s father, Giovanni, who passed away in 1971.

Tabelo includes concentrated juice from dried and pressed prosecco grapes, adding another layer of complexity to the Col Fondo style.

Tabelo was a nickname given to Giovanni by his friends in the village of Valdobbiadene, where he ran a successful taxi business. Every Christmas, he would give his loyal customers a panettone and a bottle of Prosecco Col Fondo, which he and his sons made using Prosecco from the family’s vineyard in the hills of Valdobbiadene. To help him, Tabelo would enlist Otto’s services to take the gifts to his customers, thanking them for their support over the year.

So, in memory of Giovanni, we will release Tabelo every year in time for Christmas.